In politics, "pro-life" equals pro-governmental control of women's bodies, so let's get real here


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No matter what, in deciding

No matter what, in deciding who will be our next president, we must remain objective. When it all goes down is when we let our personal feelings and reactions get in the way of long-term thinking. Americans have a problem with seeing the forest through the trees and postponing instant gratification for something in the long term. Here's good links of what happened during the first VP debate:

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Posted by Jen (not verified) on 3 October 2008 - 2:39pm
My personal opinion about this important question..

What happens inside a woman's body - especially when we are talking about unwanted pregnancy should be regulated by the individuals own best solution. I support every 13 points in your list and think this are extremely important and good arguments. I would like to hear more from McCain and Obama and what they think/feel from a personal perspective about this. Even though I'm not a US citizen I am watching the election closely. US politics are somehow always affecting us in one or the other way either on a short or long term basis.

Nice article media girl!


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Posted by Markedsføring (not verified) on 8 October 2008 - 6:28pm
Good points, but....

Pro-lifers believe in personal responsibility, too, which means you have to pay for your own health care. It can be hard, but if you can't do it, you shouldn't be having sex.

I really like the idea about "policies that empower women to more effectively control their own destinies," though I'm pretty sure the antithesis of this is not empowering "the government to seize women's bodies."

Thoughtful writing, though!

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Posted by Jillian on 16 October 2008 - 9:30pm

...should be responsible about having sex....

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Posted by Jillian on 16 October 2008 - 9:31pm
An error in the beginning is

An error in the beginning is an error indeed.

Deceived by The Liar, those who think their bodies belong to themselves (wrong) kill the innocent person living within. The right to choose murder? We wonder why the world is in such a mess when we continue doing wrong.

Has the world gotten any better since Roe Vs. Wade?

Are you any better because of Roe vs. Wade?

As the ever increasing line for abortions get longer so does the line for promiscuity. Evil begets evil.

How many innocent children need to be murdered before things become right? One million, forty-eight million, a billion? And we wonder why things are so wrong and how to fix them. How many people who may have found the cure for AIDS been killed? How many people who could solve world hunger have been slaughtered? Maybe we don't deserve these answers. We certainly haven't been smart enough to give the child a chance.

Keep in mind that there's roughly a fify-fifty change that the murdered baby is female.

And we still keep killing innocent babies.

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Posted by Truth (not verified) on 1 November 2008 - 12:08am
Are women better off because of Roe v Wade?


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Posted by media girl on 1 November 2008 - 10:18am
I am pro-life and support

I am pro-life and support most of your points. I do not believe Roe v. Wade can be succesfully overturned until we have true infrastructure set up to aid and help women in a crisis pregnancy. I think you, media girl said some pretty harsh things against prolifers. There are genuine concerned people on both sides of the issue. Oh and I'm sick of this being called a woman's issue. Almost all "women's issues" affect children, if you better a woman's life her children's lives will improve. That's not statistically true for men.

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Posted by confused (not verified) on 24 November 2008 - 12:38pm
I am a pro-lifer. I agree

I am a pro-lifer. I agree with you on certain points, though.
"If you are really pro-life, then you will see through the false morality of righteous posing that defines the "pro-life" movement"- I do. Some pro-lifers wish to punish women for having sex. I don't like that idea- a child is a blessing and should be viewed as such.
"you will see the falsity of the claim that the pro-choice majority wants to abort babies just for kicks or to pursue some dark satanic agenda."-on the contrary. I see that pro-choicers have good intentions. They don't want women to die from illegal abortions, nor they do they want the baby to suffer during his/her childhood. I don't want those things to happen either. However, I don't see abortion as a solution.
"If you are really pro-life, then you would support:
Easy availability of birth control...
...policies that empower women to more effectively control their own destinies, rather than empower the government to seize women's bodies."- I strongly support all of the policies media girl has listed. I also think that abstinence-only sex ed is a really stupid and bad idea and bad, ineffective policy.

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Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on 4 December 2008 - 10:40am
It is a very delicate

It is a very delicate question. There could be a lot of pros and cons. Well, here is an interesting video . I wish people stopped discussing this question. Let everything remain as it was.

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Posted by NV (not verified) on 31 May 2010 - 5:08am
This gave me very much insight into the topic
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Posted by Gina (not verified) on 25 October 2010 - 6:33pm
former pro-life male totally agrees with you

Thank you for your well written article. I am a pro-choice Catholic male who was once pro-life, because I just had never thought about the implications you raised here. I am now firmly pro-choice, specifically because of these issues. If someone doesn't have the right to decide what happens to their genes & 'blood', and the circumstances of how those are passed on (or not) into the the next generation, & with whom, they effectively have been stripped of all personhood & dignity. To be crude & blunt, its the difference btwn a woman getting to choose the man who will be the father of her children & grandchildren, versus being forced to reproduce with the first gang rapist in line. I can think of nothing more monstrous & evil. This is the logical & practical implications of pro-life ideology, & anyone who thinks this is an exaggeration should visit parts of Latin America & the Islamic world. Civil-rights without reproductive rights are hollow & meaningless. So-called christians who openly argue that woman are somehow slaves to God & so have no say over their bodies wish to subvert every sense of personal honor, dignity, & selfhood that I believe God created us with. I really think that the pro-life movement, as it gets more extreme & twisted, will help bring about the collapse of organized Christianity, as more & more people become disillusioned & seek guidance elsewhere. I don't want to live in a Christian Taliban state & I would give my life to prevent my daughters & granddaughters from being exposed to such a horror.

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Posted by nick (not verified) on 12 March 2013 - 8:43pm