Is Hillary losing her grip on reality, or is she the 3rd Party Candidate?


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It has been a long 16 months and I'm rather tired. Is it plausible to say that no woman could have or would have never considered running for president, on the legislative or political resume of Sen Obama. Carl Braun tried, with 25 years of state-federal-county-and international experience and found little support in the black community and only NOW stepped up and endorsed her.

Hillary Clinton has the larger coalition, won the popular vote And if Florida is included completely Hillary wins by several hundred thousands votes. Plus the states won by Sen Clinton total with South Dakota 311 electoral votes.

And as the campaign takes a small summer break and picks up in the fall, the first debate has the young looking, change seeking maverick standing next to the older, war veteran, tested and solid.

Democrats in primaries always want the newest, or fastest or now just not Hillary. There seemed to be that aura in the end, that she/Hillary is clearly the stronger of the 2 but we are good liberals and will go with Sen Obama, because he can unite the country. And WTF does that really mean?

Are we really going to burn down the house just to make a hot meal?

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Posted by david stewart (not verified) on 4 June 2008 - 10:03pm
Funny math

I agree with many of your points, but disagree with the idea that Hillary won 311 electoral votes. Electoral votes are not awarded in primaries. Granted that if the Democratic primary votes were the only ones cast in the General election, and they were the ones that decided the election, this might be the case. But does that mean Obama wouldn't carry those same states?

Take New York. Does Hillary's victory earlier this year mean Obama can't win against McCain in the state?

I suppose what concerns me is the wile side of Hillary that hearkens to Bill talking about Monica. The primary has rules and the rules were followed. In Michigan, Obama wasn't even on the ballot. One flashes back to the old Soviet Union or today's Red China where only one candidate is allowed and when that one candidate wins, its suppose to mean something? I think not.

Hillary is either planning a third party run, or she's lost her grip ... and that's sad, but it also betrays her inexperience in things political. Being the spoiler and "holding her breath" is not endearing nor does it show leadership. It underscores her inability to face facts.

Folks have been saying Obama is facing his first challenge as "president" in dealing with Hillary, but let's turn that sleeve inside out. Things have not gone well for Hillary and instead of statesmanship and team playing, she brings in sophistry.

The more Hillary battles on, the more we see that Obama IS the right choice and the better candidate and leader.

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Posted by Matsu on 5 June 2008 - 6:22am