Evangelicals "discover" liberalism in Bible, support environmental protections


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An issue that needs some "ink"

Hey Media Girl,

I saw your website name linked fm another blog I was reading and since I'm always interested in what the media has to say about drug policy issues, I surfed in. Frankly, I'm ready for ladies to just take over. I tell my wife that everyday...but I digress.

Media girl: I don't see any discussion about America's never-ending War on Drugs. I searched around a bit and nope, just couldn't find one string. So, I'm challenging you a bit. Give this some discussion. You might ask: Why do I pitch this stuff?

I'm the speakers bureau coordinator for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an org of cops, judges, prosecutors and others in the crim justice system who believe the Drug War is a complete failure. We have built the world's largest prison system but at the same time, we have made drugs more potent, more available and in many cases cheaper. How can this be considered success? LEAP calls for some form of legalization. Some form of control.

The fastest growing segment of the prison population is women. And at home, more than 2 million kids have at least one parent in jail. With this race to incarcerate, America is, well, growing the next generation of inmates.

Everyday there are arguements about America's budget woes but consider this: 69 billion dollars is spent on the drug war each yr and that is rising. No one wants to do anything different. None of the policy makers anyway.

Do you want to revitalize the community? Pay for public health? Prescription drug plan? End the War on Drugs.

I've touched on only a few items however. Chk out our website. Look at who we are. And, if so inclined: join us.


Mike Smithson

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Posted by Mike Smithson (not verified) on 8 November 2005 - 1:43am
Shhh, don't tell anyone

"Just say no" has become the panacea for all of society's ills.

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Posted by media girl on 8 November 2005 - 2:14am
Senator Inhofe is workin

Senator Inhofe is workin EXTREMELY hard to make sure that the NEA retracts this statement and takes a more "neutral" stance on Global Warming. He's held meetings in his office and has drafted a petition to be circulated around churches demanding that the NEA not come out with any stance on global warming because he'll have to change his stance. I've never been so disgusted with politicians in my life. Who gave him the right to speak for all evangelicals. I seriously doubt all evangelicals would support the kind of world he hopes we live in.

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Posted by anonymous (not verified) on 29 November 2005 - 5:41pm