Alien vs. Predator Requiem (AVP-R)


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Misidentified Character

Your blog for AVP-R refers to the character of Darcy (Chelah Horsdal) as a military woman who is the heroine of the movie and who had an emotional distance with her daughter. Actually, the character you are referring to is Kelly (Reiko Aylesworth). Darcy’s character is the wife and mother of the two missing hunters at the beginning of the film.

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Posted by Kel Harwood (not verified) on 30 December 2007 - 11:13pm
Major error.

Did you even watch the movie? Because, as stated before, you have mixed up two characters in a bad way. Darcy is a minor character, not the 'hero'.
And, the movie had to hereos, Dallas and Kelly. Did you happen to notice how they WORKED TOGETHER to save thier small band of comrades and escape the impending nuclear blast? If that isn't enough to satisfy a feminist mindset, the idea of a man and a woman recognizing thier skills and working together, what is?
I understand this cheesy action movie is excellent canon fodder, but using it for some sort of legitimate arguement? That is just shoddy and lazy journalism.
Also, Jesse was just a shallow, skanky, slut. Yes - some women are shallow, and skanky. Can't we just accept that?

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Posted by Clint (not verified) on 31 December 2007 - 1:22pm
A correction

Transformers (2007) had a similar character that was blatantly ignored because she was a woman. Everyone knows a woman in charge in an action-adventure movie should get back in the kitchen.

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Posted by John Rambo (not verified) on 22 May 2008 - 2:43am
Such wit. Hours and hours of

Such wit. Hours and hours of entertainment value.

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Posted by media girl on 22 May 2008 - 2:18pm